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Jobs in a Nutshell aims to shed light on what jobs entail in the real world and how to prepare for them. Each episode focuses on a profession or a career-related topic discussing facts, research, and interviews.

Apr 13, 2017

Thank You to Matthew Kocanda and Lix Hewett for their time and honest insights! Check out their art in the links below:


Matthew Kocanda:

Lix Hewett:


*Scroll down for artist career resources and episode time stamps!


Resources (mentioned in the show):


Resources (not mentioned in the show)


Online Resources:


Amazon Books about Art as a Career:
(*Note: I have not read these but they both have 4.5 Ratings)


Podcasts about Being an Artist:


Episode Segment Time Stamps

1:51 - How to Tell if Pursuing Art is Worth It?

5:00 - Different Industries that employ artists

7:24 - Facts about Artists in the Real World

10:07 - Matthew and Lix's Thought on Art School and Self-Training

14:47 - Interview Segment - Lix's Story

21:07 - Finding Work Post-College - Matthew's Thoughts

26:04 - Pricing Your Work - Lix's Thoughts

27:52 - Work Schedule / Management - Matthew and Lix

31:27 - Final Thoughts from Lix and Matthew

35:57 - In a Nutshell - Key Points